CD 162 Ink Blue Hemingray No. 19 Signal

By Elton Gish; posted September 5, 2004

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The ink blue CD 162 Hemingray No. 19 was only found in southeast Texas -- primarily in Jefferson County. A. L. Rash and another lineman (whose name I don't remember) pulled down most of the inks in the area back in the late 1960's. In the mid-1970's, Marvin Suggs was a high school student in Port Arthur. We use to get together to talk insulators. He found an ink blue still on the line in Port Arthur and finally trusted me enough to show me where it was. The insulator had a large strain on one end of the line which probably explains why it wasn't removed with all the others a few years earlier. Marvin tried to get a lineman to take it down for him, but could not convince them to help. He and I would often drive by the insulator to make sure it was still there. I took this photo back in 1987. Finally, a few years ago Marvin found the right person to take it down. Unfortunately it did have a chip on the skirt, but the last jewel found a nice home. I haven't heard from Marvin since then. Guess he still has this beautiful ink still on his shelf. [id=98992069]