The Ultimate CD 152 ??

By Lee Brewer; posted September 2, 2004

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The Ultimate 152?

Read on and see what you think! This is a re-posting of a piece I found a few years ago. So what makes it special? Here is a list:

1. This piece has a green, aqua, and amber coloring throughout - a tri-tone piece. Obviously the amber was added to an aqua piece and this produced the green areas.

2. By under-lighting it I also found quite a bit of milk swirling in its outer and inner skirts.

3. It also has a small rock included.

4. It has the error BBOOKFIELD embossing.

5. The really unusual part -- the embossing is very unusual because not only does it possess a very strong ghosted embossing that is sometimes better than the actual lettering, but the ghosted word is

"BOOKFIELD"(note the spelling)

The ghosting should have been "ROOKFIELD", but since this piece is also a "BBOOKFIELD" error embossing, the ghosting may actually have created a unique 'BOOKFIELD" embossed piece!

I have jokingly labeled this as a CD 152 (F-Skirt) [arc] BOOKFIELD / BBOOKFIELD in green-aqua-amber!

[1299705] for the original posting.