CD 145 Beehives: Pennycuick, Grand Canyon, Canadian, American style

By Gene Hawkins; posted August 28, 2004

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OK, here's a lineup of No Embossing CD 145 Beehives. On the far left, we have a typical Pennycuick - bubbles, thick and heavy, crude, top of pin has a big drip, and sharp threads. Next is a typical Grand Canyon - dome gouge, squared threads, (some clears have radiused threads) and an extremely short inner skirt. Next is the Canadian - unknown some attribute to Brookfield as the inner skirt has 4 equidistant little vents. Inner skirt is tall, and has MLOD. On the far right is an unmarked American - almost no threads at the top of the pinhole, and thin ones near the bottom. Skirt is not round, but wavy as if it were pinched while hot.

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