5 Different Canadian Porcelain Beehives ~ 20.00

By Robin Plewes; posted August 26, 2004

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These Canadian beehives are all some shade of white. As shown in the pic, they are described from left to right. The first one is a U-1137 Gisborne Pattern, embossed just above the wire groove. It was made by the Bullers Company of London England. There's a couple of small glaze flakes. It's vnm and has a grooved base. The next one is a dome incused CPR, known as a U-1131. This dry process insulator is vnm aside from the shallow 1" base flake. This flake is hard to see against the rough unglazed base. The top of the pinhole is sharply pointed, an interesting feature that is also seen in the "Yukon" style beehive. The next one is a U-1131A CPR, dome marked with green ink. This insulator was made in Czechoslovakia in the early 1900s. There is a small glaze chip on the inside and outside of the base, otherwise it's vnm. The next one is a U-1137 Bullers Ltd/ London, embossed just below the wire groove. This one has a grooved base, like the Gisborne described above. There is shallow chipping around half of the base. There is two 1/2" skirt flakes that start from the various base chips. All the base chips are on the outer ring of the grooved base. There is a "47" stamped into the inside of the skirt. The last one on the right is a unembossed "Yukon" style porcelain. It's in vnm condition, but is in "As Found" condition, with the original grime and soot on the insulator's surface. It's known as a U-1137A. All 5 insulators for 20.00 plus postage. Thanks for looking ..... Robin