GE Two Rate Watthour Electric Meter

By Tracey Beckham; posted August 26, 2004

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Here is another vintage two-rate electric meter that Joe Maurath, Jr. has in his collection. The upper dial-set indicates the kwh used during non-peak hours. The lower dial-set (with red pointers) indicates the kwh used during the "peak" utility company hours, as preset within a time clock within the meter itself. The latter is monthly checked by the meter reader and a provision is made on the face of the meter adjustment tab so it can be sealed (clearly with the seal, tab and internal time-clock as shown through the meter cover). *Almost* all utilities no longer use these meters anymore for load management to provide an incentive off-peak rate to their customers. Too bad! For more information please contact Joe Maurath, Jr. and/or Dave Dahle. Metering experts to say the least! ...(Tracey Beckham).