CD 134 1871/1893 Patent Violet Cobalt Blue

By Tracey Beckham; posted August 8, 2004

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Wow!! What a color!!! Joe acquired this piece from Richard Case back in early 1974(or thereabouts) with a trade deal with him. He was liquidating his famous cobalt insulator collection at that time and many rare and unusual "blues" were offered in a Crown Jewels of the Wire advertisement. Joe was very fortunate to acquire this item (and a CD 287.1 peacock blue Locke) from the same deal. It is too bad that Joe could not afford the cobalt blue C.E.W., W.U.P., Paisley and other super rare blue insulators all offered in the same ad! Maybe he should have sold off his spiffy clean 1968 Plymouth Road Runner to afford them! But he would have had no other cool means to chase girls around back then! His great memories remain either way. Wow!!!