Locke Pigs x Two

By Elton Gish; posted August 1, 2004

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Ken Willick and I got the two sets of Locke Pigs together for the first time. My Fred Locke Pigs on the left were made for Fred Locke in 1904 when he lost control of the company. It is guessed that the nine pigs around the feed trough represents the Locke board of directors. The Fred Locke Pigs sat on Fred Locke's desk and later on the desk of one of his sons. It mysteriously found its way to a western Pennsylvania antique dealer in the early 1970's when Rodney Wing purchased them. Since that time, they have had only five owners counting Rodney Wing, Gerald Brown, Edgar Smith, Paul Ickes, and myself. After purchasing many of Paul's Fred Locke porcelain insulators in 1984, he insisted I purchase the Pigs.

Ken recently acquired the similar group of Lima Pigs. The bottom of the Lima Pigs is marked, "Lima NY Dec. 1906". This was the location of the Lima factory secretly owned by Fred Locke. It was in operation from 1904 to 1908 when it was destroyed by fire.