Who says mud ain't pretty!?

By Charles Robinson; posted July 20, 2004

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This isn't officially an outdoor display, as these were getting unpacked outside. The reason for that is that I stored them in a storage unit for about a month, and in that time, I've neutralized about 7 Brown Recluses at the unit (about 3 or 4 managed to escape the fate that my combat boot holds, and I have no clue where they ended up). Don't need to bring those in the house!

What we have here is: Left to right:

1) "VICTOR" M-3490; 2) OB M-4323 (back); 3) A Thomas 3 part I have yet to ID; 4) Ohio Brass M-4395 (Gray, back); 5) Pittsburg M-4420; 6) N-N Thomas M-4325; 7) Pinco M-4330 (back); 8) Marked Thomas M-4325 (mid) if you look close, you can see the incuse on the crown; 9) Victor R=oo M-4325; 10) "VICTOR" marked M-4325 (marked twice on the top skirt, once on the second); 11) "LOCKE" M-4327; 12) and last, but not least, "LOCKE" M-3245.