Remains of a Farmer's Telephone Circuit

By Barrett Nicpon; posted July 6, 2004

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I got out today, a beautiful, sunny, clear & blue-skied Tuesday afternoon, for an hour or so while visiting some relatives up near Cambridge, Ontario. Being as they live in the country, I decided to go for a bit of a walk to explore an abandoned power line I had spotted nearby in the back of a farmer's field every one of the 10,000 times I had been in a car gliding by at full speed, entirely unable to get out and hunt it every one of those times! This time, though, I was able. The power itself did not yield anything of interest, only porcelain pieces dating no older than the 1980s, while exploring the length of it, I spotted a lone pole standing on the other side of the field, at a strange angle compared to the power line, enough to tell me the pole and this line had no association with one another. So, I carefully shifted my way through the corn stalks, careful to not break any off, and eventually was greeted by a sight not extremely common in my life! Before me stood a relatively short, leaning telephone pole, jutting directly out of a dense bush which grew on the edge of a large bog, in which I had to stand to take this photo. On the pole were a pair of sidepins with a DOMINION CD 122 on each. One was clear, and broken, and the other, visible in the photo, was intact, and a common, light straw colour. Not another pole in sight, which only added to just how amazing this one lone-standing pole really was! Regardless of monetary value, it's really intense to spot such a rare sight as a standing rural telephone pole in the middle of nowhere! All the crews seem to have done such a good job (bad for us, mind you) cleaning up all the telephone lines, that I can never find even a trace of a pole or glass along the length of any one of them! This was, for me, truly a wonderful break from conventional hunting!