Who's Gonna Be There? (2004)

By Ed Holland; posted June 28, 2004

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The National Insulator Association's 35th Annual Show & Convention is coming up on July 23-25, 2004 in New Kensington, Pennsylvania. Complete details are available at http://www.nia.org/shows/national/ If you're planning to attend and would like to have your name listed on this album page, email me using the link at the top of this page. Names are listed alphabetically and updated daily between now and show time. If you'll be there as a dealer and/or as an exhibitor, please indicate that in your email, and your name will be followed by a D and/or an E.

See you in New Kensington!

Who's Gonna Be There?

  • Anthony, Dwayne [D]
  • Baird, Ross [D]
  • Barth, Ron [D]
  • Bauer, Mark
  • Berry, Carolyn and Bob [D]
  • Blair, Steve and Lois [D, E]
  • Bobb, Steve and Donna [D, E]
  • Bowman, Dick [D]
  • Brewer, Lee and Tammy [D, E]
  • Coble, Don and Sonja [D]
  • Corn, Mike
  • Corriero, Mark and Elaine
  • Crandall, Jim and Joan [D]
  • Csorbay, Mike [D] and Debbie Kinloch
  • Drummond, Glenn [D]
  • Ellis, Dudley [D]
  • Erickson, Curtis, Ron, and Ann [D, E]
  • Gish, Elton and Kathy [D]
  • Hager, Manfred
  • Hawkins, David
  • Hawkins, Gene [D]
  • Holland, Ed
  • Irons, Charlie and Sandi [D]
  • Jung, Colin
  • Katchko, Jeff
  • MacGillvary, Doug [D]
  • McDougald, Carol and John [D]
  • Meier, Bill and Jill [D, E]
  • Mulvey, 'raine and James
  • Nicpon, Barrett, Hilary, and Henry
  • Novak, Larry [D, E]
  • Pahl, Scott [D]
  • Roach, Jack [D]
  • Roberts, Ken [D]
  • Roberts, Steve and Jana
  • Rogers, Tom
  • Roloson, Keith [D]
  • Simon, Howard
  • Smith, Doug, Diane, and Mathew
  • Soller, Rick [D]
  • Sweet, Tobey [D]
  • Thimell, Caleb
  • Toften, Karen and George [D]
  • Waters, Kyle
  • Watkins, Dave
  • Wiecek, David and Maria
  • Williams, Doug [D]
  • Young, Pat and MacKenzie
  • Zamboni, Mark