One Terribly Ill Frog

By Barrett Nicpon; posted June 27, 2004

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Here's a picture of a sickeningly swirled glass frog my mom picked up on the weekend from an antique store. I've never seen one with swirls like this before, but here it is. The piece appears to be a common clear style, but one with the strange plum coloured swirls throughout that can be seen quite clearly. For those of you that don't know what Glass Frogs are, they are an object designed to sit in the bottom of a vessel of water in which flowers are held. The frog simply holds the flowers upright, so they may be seen in all their neat, orderly glory! The holes throughout the piece are where the flower stems are placed. Because these pieces are designed largely to be ornate, it's not surprising they come in such a large variety of colours, and the swirls in this piece are likely intentional, instead of the result of melted cullet.