My display pole

By Fredrik Höjefält; posted April 11, 2004

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Alright, here is my display pole in our living room. But I must confess; it is not a real pole stump, as it's impossible to get one of these in Holland. It's simply a 8 inch paper core painted brown. Well, what for stuff is mounted on it then? On top, mounted on a British pole top "cow horn" bracket are, of course, British pieces; a "Langdon" and a big terminal pattern Cordeaux in pure white porcelain. On the left side, top to bottom, we have: From Italy, the smallest size of the "Unitā modificato" type for telephone use. From Sweden, a telephone insulator manufactured by Gustavsberg in the 20's. From France, a Gingerbread man in porcelain mounted on a French hook. Front of the pole; a French Gingerbread man in glass made by Folembray, also mounted on it's genuine hook. On the right side, top to bottom; Found in Sweden but probably made in Germany; a small bell shaped piece with a hole thru its head with its original hook. Under it is a Cordeaux insulator with its original hook that were used in Sweden for low voltage distribution, manufacturer unknown. I think that preserving some of the unique hardware once used can be as important as the insulators themselves, and when displaying it adds to their appearance even more! So think twice before you throw away the "junk" your precious insulator was mounted on!!