Insulators prove an early, warm Spring is here!

By Lee Brewer; posted April 4, 2004

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Here is a pretty piece of mud that stares at me through my front window. This morning as I gazed out into the world to see its glaze, the realization I must be going nuts hit me squarely between the eyes! My pretty piece of butterscotch mud was telling me it is that time of year again when I suffer from serious hallucinations.

Last year, on April 1, I posted the first 2003 Global Warming Alert: [id=53904120]. How sad it was when I realized today is a full 3 days later than last year (extending the winter weather further than posted in 2003) and therefore my problem is lasting even longer into 2004 {well...technically I 'supposed' snow last April 21st and 23rd also...but I did not post pics -- so today, in 2004, I can take comfort in the fact these HAD to be my imagination since I have no incriminating photographs my troubled mind would need sort through to make sense of the predicament I find myself in}.

If only I would open my politically correct eyes, I could be sunning myself out on the beach. Instead my mind is so struck with the cold that I cannot get past the Global-Warming-Theory-killing, illusionary snow and cold temperatures. Alas...will I NEVER be able to see things as the liberal media states they MUST be? And the worst part about this is that I am sure this will not be the last time this awful predicament hits me again this year!

Sure enough! My sad delusions continued - April 28th - so far this year - was the last time I (imagined I) saw snow on the ground. [id=88281456] for even more 'imaginary' beauty that Jack Frost can work with insulators.