Light Sapphire Blue CREB 145

By Chris Renaudo; posted January 25, 2004

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I am re-offering a piece I had thought was previously sold.

The piece on the far left is the light sapphire blue CREB 145 that I have for sale next to a true blue in the middle and an aqua on the far right for color comparison. I know of one of these sapphire blue pieces recently selling for $300. This one has a dome ding and 1/4" of wire groove chipping so my asking price is $160 which includes shipping. For the serious CREB collector, this piece is style [100] with a shop number 2. As a CREB collector, I know these pieces are more difficult to acquire than the purple 145 CREBs. Don't miss the chance to add one of these to your collection. I'm confident you won't be disappointed!