Sapphire CD 145 CREB

By Mike Csorbay; posted January 22, 2004

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I know, it's probably not what you first think of when you see the word "sapphire", but for Brookfield products this color is referred to as Sapphire. It's just a deeper blue than is normally seen (in my estimation), and the King CREBhead (Lee Brewer) has confirmed that this is a sapphire... so who am I to argue? ;-) Check your collection... you might have one too! We know of ones that have dome numbers 4 and 5 (this one is a 4).

Hey folks -- I screwed up!! I got my topics mixed up. Lee Brewer (Da CREBMeister himself) e-mailed me and set me straight... The Sapphires are known in mold numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 7 over 7, and 8. My confusion is that we had discussed mold numbers many times, and a 5 is the number seen least often by the CREB Crew. My apologies folks!! BTW, this one is now owned by fellow CREBheads Sandia Harrison and Andy Polivka -- hi guys!!