Taking better insulator pictures. (1 of 2)

By Dave Wiecek; posted January 4, 2004

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Taking pictures of insulators is often a challenge. Colors do not appear as they do in reality. The quality of the light source and capabilities of the camera can alter the true color of an insulator in all kinds of ways. In this installment, I am going to address the problem of taking close up pictures.

If your camera has the ability to zoom, don't be afraid to move away to get a better picture. Taking good close ups doesn't necessarily require that you get real close physically to the insulator. Using a zoom tends to distort the image far less than a wide angle does.

In this photograph, I have moved away from the insulator (about 2 feet) and used the camera's zoom feature to fill the view finder of the camera. Notice how there is little distortion to the actual shape of the insulator?