Which 102 Is This?

By Ed Holland; posted January 4, 2004

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Please help me with this one: The insulator has no embossing and MLOD. The threads don't really come all the way to the bottom of the pinhole, but otherwise it looks pretty much like a NECAN [070] . . . EXCEPT that there's a prominent teat at the top of the pinhole and the threads are sharply incised - just like every Pennycuick that I've ever fondled. But this is obviously NOT the (non-Canadian) No Embossing 102 [010], so-called "large pony, Pennycuick style."

So, what do I have here?

I received a number of very helpful responses to this question, perhaps summed up best by Tom Ianelli. ANSWER:

The CD 102 that you have illustrated is an early unembossed Canadian piece. I currently have 9 examples of this style in my collection. They can be generally grouped within the [060} / [070] categories in the unembossed MLOD Canadian 102s. The grouping includes at least three variants. The variant that you have illustrated is characterized by a more rounded, larger dome, a dot on top of the dome and a more rounded ridge below the wire groove. Threads may or may not extend to the base of the insulator; the threading is typically very sharp or "saw-tooth"-like and reminiscent of threads seen on double threaded 120 and 143 styles. Bases include smooth / rounded and "sloped-in" varieties. Colours range from aqua, lime green to blue and SCA. While these insulators are more readily encountered in eastern Canada, they are by no means common. From personal experience, the teat-bearing varieties are the hardest to find.

Hope this information helps, T.R. Iannelli