Brookfield "Bubble Ohh Seven" (007) 1 of 3.

By Dave Wiecek; posted January 1, 2004

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Has anyone seen a CD 101 Brookfield No 9 (Mold Number 7) insulator with a bubble bigger than this?

I have had multiple inquiries about this piece since I posted the pictures so I thought I would tell an amusing story behind it. I bought this insulator back in the 1980s. At the time, there was a minimal premium put on pieces with swirls or bubbles in them. What I mean by that is that if this was a snow filled Brookfield No 9 without the bubble; it would have been $5.00.... with the bubble it was $8.00. I don't recall what I actually paid for it but it was definitely under $10.00. For whatever reason, this was mixed up with aqua pieces that I have collected over the years but really never display. This had been sitting up in my attic for the last 9 years. It is very hot and uncomfortable up there in the summer and bitterly cold up there in the winter. I went up there recently to get a plain old aqua CD 162 R. GOOD JR. that I remembered I had, also with a huge bubble, white fire brick and olive swirling, to compare the embossing with a piece I recently bought from Mike Green. When I saw it, I thought, why am I not displaying this piece??? I guess I was still thinking in the mindset of when I bought it. The ICON photo gallery is really great since you can get a good look at what kind of anomalies are out there. When I looked and thought about all the bubble pieces I have seen posted, I don't recall seeing any this big. Based upon the feedback, I guess I was right. Needless to say, this won't be spending anymore time in the attic.