CD 121 WGM Co in milky purple

By Dave Wiecek; posted December 31, 2003

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A valuable insulator is missing in the state of Pennsylvania. It was last seen on January 5th. I am hoping that this piece is simply 'out on loan' and will show up in an antiques store, thrift shoppe or eBay. It is a distinct CD 121 W.G.M. Co. in a milky purple. What makes this piece unique is that it has an olive swirls in the front and has milky sheets throughout. Fortunately, I took several pictures of this piece before I sent it. A report with the police and postal authorities has been filed. Unfortunately, it is uninsured so there is no postal reimbursement forthcoming, not that there would be since it ended up missing post delivery. It was sent out on approval so I have nothing to show for it. If someone finds this piece in their travels, please contact me. A generous reward is offered. Old insulators like this have a unique signature to them like fingerprints. I hope this shows up. Its too nice of a piece to leave the hobby.