Astronomical Numbers!

By Barrett Nicpon; posted December 13, 2003

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Now, I'm sure we've all seen the photos of those beautiful aqua glass suspensions that our webmeister Bill Meier photographed about a decade ago. It can be found at the following link; . Well, I ask you. What's the most glass insulators you have ever seen on one pole? Well, I might be able to beat that.... Okay, so maybe I'm cheating, since this isn't a 'pole', but rather a 'tower'. The above photo is one I've had for about a year now, but until today I never bothered to count the number of aqua suspensions on it! This line uses hundreds of these beasts on every pole! A regular pole uses 135 insulators exactly! We've already beaten you, Bill! 3 strings of 21 suspensions, and 6 strings of 12 suspensions! BUT, if you think that's a lot, try counting the number on this pole! 24 strings of 21 suspensions apiece, and another 12 strings of 12 suspensions apiece! 12 multiplied by 12 = 144, added to 21 multiplied by 24 is SIX-HUNDRED-FOURTY-EIGHT INSULATORS!!!!!! AAAHHHH! Must have sucked to install that beast! Now you let me know if you can beat that in numbers of suspensions! HA!