Front pole Display

By Lee Brewer; posted December 5, 2003

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A picture of the pole I installed in my front yard. A variety of Canadian & US glass is used along with some colorful/unusual mud. Mike Csorbay/Debbie Kinloch & Matt Kancle have been two major contributors to the pole (and my fence - of which Ken Willick also gave me a great glass cabletop - then my son Seth decided he liked it too much and it resides in his bedroom now!). I have yet to find anything missing from off of it though it is easily in reach of passersby. I guess Union City must be a pretty decent place to live after all (and the fact that my fence was up for over a year before the pole - I think the local jokesters got tired of hiding them on me!).

[id=75231620] for the next pic of the series.