Golden Amber CD 145 HG CO Petticoat Beehive - Sold

By John Rajpolt; posted November 8, 2003

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Here is an outstanding color for a beehive. A golden/yellow/amber HG CO Petticoat. Embossing index [130] - I mold. Lots of fizz in the glass. This one is not mint. There is a skirt crack that starts just to the left of the 'H' in the left front and arcs around to the left and comes down through the 'AT' in the rear skirt and ends up at the base. This has not moved since I have owned this piece. There is also a 1/2 inch long base edge slice flake in the left front and a 3/4 inch base edge open bubble under 'PET' in the rear. Just added a few CDs to my collection so I am moving a few pieces to pay for them. Now asking $525 - less than half the mint price. If you have questions or need additional photos, please ask. Thanks for looking.