CD 162.5 color lineup

By Lee Brewer; posted November 6, 2003

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Here is a lineup of CD 162.5's. This is probably a pretty rare sight to see as I have heard of only one person specializing in these (Rich Delano) and I have never seen a couple of these colors outside the ones I snagged upon first encountering them! ;^)

Colors are better in real life - also was a gloomy day. I need a better camera for taking group photos!

Left to right: Aqua, green, teal blue, and dark green

[id=72698258] for a pic of an unlisted Teal Blue CD 162.5 teal blue

[id=72698980] for a pic of a Dark Green CD 162.5 dark green

[id=72699161] for a pic of a green CD 162.5

[id=72699314] for a pic of an aqua CD 162.5 aqua