CD 162.5 Dark Green

By Lee Brewer; posted November 6, 2003

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This is a rare beauty [010] ! I know the book says $20-30. I found it interesting that when I got this at the Springfield show (2003), Carol McD was right next to our table and was amazed the price tag listed only $40.00 as it was such a "good bargain" since, "you never see these" pieces! I wonder if the PRR's somehow got overlooked in price guide this time around?!

OK - some of you may have been where they used green ones them - but the rest of us have hardly seen them! I still have to wonder how many there are.

[id=72698258] for a pic of an unlisted Teal Blue CD 162.5teal

[id=72699161] for a pic of a green CD 162.5

[id=72699314] for a pic of an aqua CD 162.5 aqua

[id=72699878] for a pic of all 4 together.