CD 162.5 Unlisted Teal Blue

By Lee Brewer; posted November 6, 2003

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Here is a teal Blue CD 162.5 - so far I have not heard of another -- but would like to! How many of you have seen another?

UPDATE: As of Nov. 6, 2009 - there have been a total of 5-6 of these seen. The ones with a known pedigree hail from the SW corner of PA. Most of the known ones were from this area. So far a similar characteristic of them have been the presence of one or two small, white (firebrick?) chunks in the glass. This may be indicative of them being from the same glass batch.

I also have located one (from same area) that might fit into this same family of color but is slightly more blue than teal.

[id=72698980] for a pic of a Dark Green CD 162.5

[id=72699161] for a pic of a green CD 162.5

[id=72699314] for a pic of an aqua CD 162.5

[id=72699878] for a pic of all 4 together.