CD 400 E.S.A. from Equatorial Guinea

By John Graham; posted October 20, 2003

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It took me years to finally get one of these for a reasonable price. I was lucky to get this one in a fierce sniping war on eBay. The insulator was produced by Esperanza S.A. in Spain. It is embossed E.S.A. // T.Q.S.A. and it has some strange (faint) vertical bars embossed below the primary embossing. These were typically found in Morocco which is geographically just South of Spain in Northern Africa. This one was found farther South of Morocco in extreme W. Africa near the equator, leading me to speculate that they may have been used throughout the Northern half of Africa? The seller states "This item was removed from old telegraph poles in the jungles of Equatorial Guinea, Island of Bioki, West Africa. Were originally installed between the cities of Malabo and Luba on the island during the Spanish colonization of Equatorial Guinea. " The history behind the insulator and details about where it was found make this one of my favorite styles.

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