Irradiated sapphire Canada 164 No 38-20

By Lee Brewer; posted October 5, 2003

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This was a normal aqua Canadian CD 162 No 38-40. What prompted me to test this piece was Ken Gardner found a sapphire one in an antique shop near Perth Ontario years back and showed it to me at the Perth Ontario show in Y2K. Now we know common aqua ones can, indeed, turn shades of sapphire when exposed to gamma radiation.

Please note your monitor may not show the true color. I will later give Spec Tru ID slides for better color reference. The piece does not have purple in it as my monitor shows after seeing it on the ICON page! When I flip between the screen where i view it in my picture program and the Icon page - it turns more purple on the Icon page - Hey Bill - would you mind getting those little purple Gremlins out of the wires for me ;^)

[id=97800465] for a pic of the irradiated sapphire blue "Top Hat Signal" (CD 162.1).

Cobalt 60 gamma radiation source.

Please note I was not doing this on a whim. This all came into the CREB research project as I had some legitimate reasons for trying to gamma irradiate CREB145's (hopefully determining groupings of the shop numbers, the different possible sands used to manufacture them, and determining whether certain colors were legitimate). Other Brookfield pieces, not CREB's, were done in an attempt to try to determine if the same sands were used in some CREB's as in other Brookfield pieces (possibly linking the two together and dating them). I kept in contact with Dwayne Anthony, who is the main spokesperson in the NIA for irradiated insulators. I have made sure this project has kept within NIA guidelines. The NIA is currently in possession of this piece as part of the NIA's irradiated insulator display.