Multipart insulator in blackglass - unknown CD?

By Fredrik Höjefält; posted September 21, 2003

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This is a two part multi from Italy, made from true blackglass! The style of the insulator is very close to the Swiss style called Beznau. The main difference is the top, while Beznaus have crosstops, the top of this one sporting a single groove. Up until recently, glass Beznaus were totally unknown to the Italian collectors. Then, one collector found one pole with six Beznaus, and another three sitting on the wall of an old substation ca 50 metres from the pole. Unfortunately, three of the six got smashed when the contractor took down the pole, while the other three were saved. Of the three on the wall of the power station, two have been rescued, and are now in safe hands. The one in the picture is from my collection. The insulator stands ca 6 inch in height, with a diameter of 5,25 inch. It is totally unmarked. I found it little tricky to photograph it because it is so black, but on the other hand, it is a "color" that can't be misunderstood!

[IFONA CD ???]