Clear Cochrane bell appraisal

By Nick Norwood; posted April 8, 2023

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I acquired this beautiful multi-part suspension insulator, from an individual who helped dismantle the substation in Harlowtown in year 2005 I believe. Perhaps less than ten of these clear examples are known. The glass has not turned purple, because it's been inside the building it's whole life. The only damage is to the second bell inner skirt, 3/4" chip. The rest is flawless. Picture 1 shows the amount of dust, picture 2 is after only a quick wipe down.. picture 3 is the exact location this insulator came from ( I assume).... What do you think the value of this is? (One sold on poletop auction for $10,500, but was mint) What manufacturer most likely produced the glass sleeves? Hemingray, Pyrex, Brookfield??