The computerized car?

By Bill Meier; posted September 18, 2003

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This is how "simple" it is to connect our lap top computer to our car. Major boxes left to right: 1) 12V power converter, 2) numeric keypad (to interface with the computer when it is in the back), 3) GPS receiver that attaches to the sun roof.

Then the simple matter of a few cables and connectors. Far left, cigarette lighter plug. Then into the computer: 1) power cable 2) USB connector for the keypad, 3) PS2 connector to get power to the GPS unit, 4) serial port to communicate with the GPS unit.

Add one Dell laptop to complete the outfit! And some custom software, in addition to Delorme Street Atlas. Simple! It's also quite a trick to lift up a 8lb notebook with your arm outstretched, and swing it around from the rear to the front passenger seat.

Insulator related? You bet! It has gotten us to dozens of shows, and "to the door" of many collectors around the country. We have logged over 50,000 miles with this configuration guiding us! And plotted several power lines on topo maps with the GPS unit too!