By Rob Bachand; posted March 24, 2023

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In 1993, while on an appointment to give a quote for homeowners insurance, I spied an ampersand insulator in their kitchen. I knew what it was but it had been years since I collected them, and years still before I again got the bug. The lady told me she brought it years ago from her father's house in New Jersey, and figured it was something electrical, because "that's what he did". Looking back, I wish I had asked a few more questions...Was it ON the house, or just in the house? And he was a lineman or an electrician? And where exactly?

Last week, I bought the one in the photo from a certain Ken W. (I'll respect his anonymity 🙄😃) and then I found the following in an online classified ad describing an ampersand for sale on Worthpoint- "These were basically only used in the Trenton N.J. area and most were obtained in the early 1970's by the inflamous Bennet and Wagner duo..."

So a tie-in with NJ. But who are the Bennet and Wagner duo? I've not heard mention of them, and I like to keep up, with the infamous especially.