Canadian CD 143 &145 Display Rack.

By Bob Scafe; posted September 16, 2003

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My 143 and 145 collection. Favorites are the beautiful Milky Standard on the left, 4th row, next to the purple. Raleigh Sanford,[Tn.] and I picked 2 of these last October. On the row below, extreme left, are 2 Can Pac's with Purple Splotches. You can see some purple in one of them. Both found in the last 2 years on the CPR line. Another is the Milky TCR 145, top row [r]. Also, 6th row down,[r], a nice green 145 NECan., with Milk and snot. I picked this in Alberta 2 years ago. There are still some great treasures out there waiting to be discovered.