Bow & Arrow trans line with additional info

By Jack Snyder; posted January 29, 2023

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I got this informative reply from Chris Hedges .... Jack those are 2 circuit, 345KV Line. The line was part of several experimental, more environmentally pleasing designs that were tried in the late 90's thru the early 2000's. The Industry consensus is they are better looking but a nightmare to repair ( Tornado damage as an example ), very expensive to build etc. The other issue is the long rod insulators that make them possible. The Industry is starting to see long term issues with these. Primarily at the compression point where the Fiberglass rod meets the metal crimp on end fitting. This is known as " Brittle Fracture " and is a sum of different materials, corona effects, twisting in service etc. Long story short, these connections are starting to fail without any outward evidence of degradation. The IBEW had outlawed working any long rod transmission energized unless it from a Hot Bucket with long sticks that would protect the Linemen by distance if the line drops etc. Actually reminds me of early cap and pin porcelain insulators ( suspensions ) from Around 1904 -1911. Eventually those issues were worked thru ( primarily cement expansion vs porcelain coefficients ). Long-rods will and are improving but it's a long process that isn't being predicted by computer modeling. SoŚ don't go under those tower's in windy weather !😁