Please help identify this threadless!!!

By Mark Corriero; posted September 1, 2003

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My wife and I are VERY new collectors, and we're having a hard time identifying this threadless we found at an antique shop in northwest Indiana. The price tag said it was from Mexico. It's very near mint with only one small flea bite - no chips or scratches. The color in the picture is very true - the blue is beautifully concentrated at the dome. The "junk" you see in the picture is actually swirling air bubbles - it's quite a sight to see! The isolated dots in the base are bubbles as well. We can't seem to identify it using either of the books we have (the 1999 price guide and Mike Bruner's "Definitive Guide to Colorful Insulators"). Some people have called them "Mexican threadless insulators". Others have said they are just decorative ornaments that go on the top of fence posts. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!