GLASS / WRIC 2003 CREB CD 145 Cornflower

By Lee Brewer; posted August 31, 2003

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Ken Willick is a closet CREBhead! Ha! He thought it would never become public! Seriously this guy has some pieces which would make any CREB collector drool - including me! here is pic of a cornflower #19.

Yes - I said cornflower blue (the pictures color is off on my monitor - it looks too dark). Brookfield had their own version of "cornflower" which, if compared, is akin to the Duquesne shades. Ken also brought a knockout deep yellow green #1 which you would swear to be a one-of-a-kind and surprisingly Jim had a mould twin of the same which he pulled out! A totally stunning duo. To see two of them was amazing.

Ken had a gorgeous purple 09 that was one of the more pretty shades of purple. He also had a beautiful 20 with a huge amber streak through it that prominently stuck out like the proverbial sore thumb.

What was really amazing was he also brought along a sapphire CREB! To see two of these rare gems at one show is truly incredible. I saw only one - read that again - at the National - and there were two at our show! [id=66953340]