Tall order and probably impossible.

By Matt Kl; posted August 10, 2022

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I am an avid insulator collector along with my dad and son who is 11. We absolutely love collecting them. We each have our own favorites but there some we mutually agree on that are super cool. Recently I wax was able to fortunately find a couple of CD 642 gingerbread insulators (one for my dad for his birthday and one for me for my birthday that I will be getting at a later say as my wife has it hidden from me). I was lucky enough to get each one for $25. There was a little damage to the inner skirt of one and a chip on the outside of the other one. When giving my dad his for his birthday my son loved it. He does not know my wife is going to give me mine for my birthday. My son told me how much he liked it. Then the made a list of some he wanted as presents in the future and a Gingerbread and Mickey Mouse were his top two. My wife looked at me and said "Looks like your search is on." I told her that this would be tough. Getting one gingerbread for $25 was lucky getting 2 was even luckier. I told her lightning doesn't strike 3 times." So I figured I would post here to see if anybody had either of those insulators for sale for around the $25 mark. I knew that is a huge daunting task and price and I know there is probably nothing out there in that range. I have to ask though. To be honest in gave never spent above the $25 on any insulator I have due to trying to be a budget collector and family comes first before collecting. This will either be for my son's birthday or for Christmas. I am very respectful of this collecting community and I am asking hoping not to step on peoples toes. So if you have any thing (I know it is a slim chance) please let me know. Thank you for your time and help.

I have attached a picture of a lot of this collection. He does have a few more than this and recently was able to score one for your COOPs annual meeting after talking with a linemen.

*******Update Gingerbread found. thank you Fred!*******