UK & Ireland Tour, June 2022. Bath England

By Mike Guthrie; posted July 11, 2022

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I recently concluded a four week tour of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Ireland and Wales. The next 15 photos are what I was able to capture during tour stops and while the bus was in motion. A lot of pieces were seen but could not be photographed from the coach.

Large glass was prevalent in Ireland and Scotland and look to be modern two skirters in ice aqua used in conjunction with suspensions disks of the same color. Perhaps about the height of a Muncie.

There are quite a few smaller porcelain pieces on rural houses and in most towns throughout the UK & Ireland. Some are still in active use, especially the two-piece screw-cap dry spot types in both white porcelain and black composition. England and Wales use a range of porcelain multi-parts for their power distribution. Glass suspensions in typical EIV/Sediver green as well as clear and off-clear were ubiquitous on distribution pylons. There were some really cool brackets as well but they were securely fastened in stone and inaccessible. We didn't find any insulators or go-withs in any of the antique/second hand stores we were able to visit, keeping in mind the options to see such shops are very limited when traveling with a group with a fixed itinerary.

I didn't see any poles along any of the many railroads that we crossed.

The pieces in this photo were mounted to the side of a building in Bath, England. These two-piece "dry spot" insulators in porcelain and composition materials were ubiquitous throughout England, Ireland, and Wales and many were still connected to wires.

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