GameWell Battery Jar and Rests

By James A Lindsey Jr; posted June 1, 2022

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A while back I was fortunate to find a supplier that had hundreds of these NOS GameWell battery jars in a warehouse. Being that they were inside and not exposed to the sun, they are clear. Otherwise there are some out there that are in nice shades of purple. Assuming they haven't been altered. This showes the jar with lid and two battery rests. The grooves in the bottom had rods that the jar sat on and the rests held up the rods in the grooves at the top. I made a little metal stand for one of my rests but the bottom part would have sat in a hole similar. You can see pictures of a purple tinted one and other rests on Elton Gish's great website and article winter 2019 in allinsulators magazine.