Battery Advertising Unique Items

By James A Lindsey Jr; posted June 1, 2022

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Advertising in electrical catalogs is always neat. These few items are hard to find and very unique. Showing the fronts and backs. The first is a Edison matchbook type advertising their Primary cell batteries. Great graphics but are glass cleaning wipes instead of matches. Beside it is another glass cleaning wipes from National Carbon Co. also advertising their cell batterys and dry cell Eveready batteries. The third item is advertising Edison Alkaline batteries as a match pack but instead of matches it has a plastic golf tee set. Really neat and unusual. If you get into some of the companies histories, you'll find that some of the batteries we used and still use today came from these companies. Columbia, Eveready, Ray-O-Vac, Duracell, Energizer to name several. Who doesn't like the Eveready nine lives cat advertisements?