Put A Lid On It 5

By James A Lindsey Jr; posted June 1, 2022

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This picture: Gladestone-LeLandeLarge hump back type- Cobalt Blue. Beautiful color., Battery Storage Company BSCO Signal Model NY. Also has a side slot. This lid was before Edison merged with them to form the Edison Battery Storage Company. Love the fancy embossing. Bottom row Marked E I Co. Pat 4 4 11.(Electro Import'd Co. Inc. New York) This is a lid for an Electrolytic Interuppter. It is a weird battery that is hard to explain but I found a patent US649015A that describes what it is and how it was intended to be used. Next is a Edison BSCO 5 3/4" small rectangle. and last E.S.B.Co. (Electric Storage Battery Co.) Made In U.S.A. small 3" round. You always see the battery rests and products made of glass with this company but hardly of porcelain.