Drone's-eye view of a pole located at Happy Market in Fresno CA. USA.

By Craig Johnson; posted March 2, 2022

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A pole located along the west perimeter of the Happy Market located at 4605 E. Shields Ave. in Fresno CA. USA. Photograph was taken at 8:50am PST on 03-02-22 (or, "2022-03-02T08:50" or "2022 02 Mar." or even, "March 02, Twenty-Twisted Sticks" if you prefer).

Note the grey porcelain unipart insulators with radio-treated tops (and plenty of bird $#7 on them as well from the pigeons that accumulate here en masse), the plastic post-type insulator and the rubber chicken. I believe that I may have photographed this particular installation before, but NOT from this vantage point.

I used my Contixo F24 drone in order to obtain this photograph.