Thomas Two-Piece Multipart Insulator Used on 1915 Line Serving Hull, MA, Photo 1

By Joe Maurath, Jr.; posted February 26, 2022

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This and another were recovered from a ditch by a New England Power Service crew in 1991. This line was built by the Weymouth Light and Power Company and provided much of the electrical needs of the seashore community of Hull, MA after 1915. The latter community was (and still is) served by a municipally owned utility and rely on an outside source for electricity. The town's approximately 5,000 customers are served by a double-circuit 23kv line owned by National Grid. This line was entirely rebuilt to 23kv by 1940. All of the original poles and insulators were removed. Many poles from the 23kv conversion and the majority of the upgraded wire from this stretch (originating from a 115kv substation in East Weymouth, MA) still remain in active service.

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