CD 126 Unembossed Canadian - new color!

By Daryl Richardson; posted August 7, 2003

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These are quite an interesting piece. These are identical in mold style to certain Canadian 102's. Some of you are familiar with the gray one that I brought into the hobby from eBay. It came from a Nova Scotia antique dealer who got them from a lineman. The gray one had base chips. It's listed in the new guide for $600-700, but I think the real price should be triple that for a mint one since there is only one known. I have seen two or three other aqua ones and one that is similar in blue to Montreal pieces. I just got this one last weekend in a trade. It's a nice light to medium green color. It has base chipping like the others I've seen, but it was a fair trade for the electric signal I had with only typical inner skirt and base damage. If mint, I'd value this piece at about $300-350. For all you ICONers: what colors do you have of this piece? So far the roster is: aqua, blue aqua, green aqua, green, sky blue and gray.