PHV-made Canadian porcelain U-1131 beehives - Crude CNR and double CNR/CPR Sale

By Barrett Nicpon; posted January 8, 2022

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A nice pair of crude and character-filled U-1131s with Canadian railway markings. These were made by Pittsburgh High Voltage Porcelain Co in Derry, PA and look the part for the quality control reputation that company has.

The left example is a C.N.R. incused example with some pitting/orange peeling and glazed over chips all over the crown. It has two bruises/scratches/shallow flakes on the rear wire ridge, these being 1/4" and 1/2" wide respectively.

The right example is double-marked, with a faint CPR incused, and a bold C.N.R. one over top of it. This example has great marking visibility in both the CPR and CNR, unlike most of these. It also has a glazed over crack in the wire groove and a couple nice dents/deformities in the lower skirt and base edge. It's VNM apart from a deep wire rub in the wire groove on one side.

I'm now asking $30 USD plus shipping for the pair. I'm always happy to trade for early Canadian glass or Canadian-made porcelain insulators. I accept PayPal, or personal cheque from any member of ICON or any collector with whom I have dealt before. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or for more photos, and look through my other items or unsold sales stock to combine shipping on items.