CD 145 HARLOE (HAWLEY) telegraph insulator.. backward "S"......(a2257)

By Timothy M. Baggett; posted January 6, 2022

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"WOW !!!!"

Having collected insulators for over 56 years... and with "beehives" being my favorite shape... here's one that just really impresses me.

Front skirt embossed: " HARLOE logo " / HAWLEY, PA. / U.S.A. {"S" embossed backwards}

Rear skirt embossed: a tiny "1" near the base of the skirt

Smooth base

Bluish aqua. Straw marks and "chaff" on top of dome

A nice bean shaped bubble positioned behind the logo

Super nice amount of dome glass

No "milk or debris" other than some small bubbles.

As close to mint as they come.

Tiny chipping around base of skirt in places where the "flash" was removed at factory.

Just one of those "stand out" pieces that catches your eye.

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