How to get rid of unwanted insulators - Episode 1

By Pat Scott; posted November 25, 2021

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What does one do with their chipped 42s, those pieces you can't give away, but don't wish to see at the bottom of a dumpster? Well, one thing to do is visit a collector friend's house whilst they are at work, and deposit them around the property like Easter eggs. And such a trip was had yesterday. On this Thanksgiving, I am thankful for those friends and for family, though this friend may wish we never met. He is the constant beneficiary of the lowest ebb of insulators, those chipped, cracked, and fractured pieces of glass. Even the diminutive cherub doesn't seem emotionally overwhelmed with the gift bestowed upon his lap. This yard is a museum of really classy insulator displays, but also the place I go to deposit the ugly and unwanted. I drive away selfishly laughing to myself "not my problem anymore." He might begrudgingly take on these unwanted pieces now, but he'll thank me later, I'm sure.