By Michael Swanson; posted November 22, 2021

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Let's try this again. NM+ glowing orange amber HG CO. PETTICOAT I Mold beehive. In succession, the ambers go from yellow, yellow amber, honey amber, orange amber, dark red orange amber. So this color represents the fourth color in a lineup of ambers from light to dark. It is filled with tiny bubbles. Gorgeous piece. Two minor, nearly unnoticeable flaws. Pinkie nail shallow flake off the right side of the inner skirt. Second is a shallow, nearly invisible inch or so long monoplane crack emanating from the threads near the base of the threads. This was caused either during manufacturing or when a lineman threaded the insulator onto the wooden pin. I mention it only for accuracy's sake. It is barely visible. The entire outside of the beehive appears flawless to me - very rare for an HG beehive. HG beehives seem to have been VERY HOT lately, with colored hives selling for double book price and beyond. One like this recently sold at auction for about double what I'm asking here. I'll try this again here on ICON, no fees or premiums, shipped for $1,800. First email takes it. I'll post additional photos as well. You will be thrilled with this piece when you see it in person. Thank you for looking.