#1. A "little" porcelian piece that I just got down the street from me at a

By Dave Kingston; posted October 19, 2021

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little flea market that I pass every time that I go into Chester. On my way to breakfast and grocery shopping last Friday (15oct21), I passed it and saw a dark brown ribbed "something" sticking up above the usual table stuff and decided that on my way back I would check it out. I thought that it might be some art deco item; anyway, as I approached it, I saw that it is a large wall bushing. As you can see, it is now mine and the Hemingray 19 is shown for size comparison. The only marking that I saw is an incuse number; however, I admit to not examining it too closely for other markings. I may bring it to the Mid-Ohio show if anyone might be interested in seeing it up close or maybe acquiring it as it really does not fit my collection.