RARE Porcelain Bustle! BIG Sale

By Caleb Thimell; posted October 12, 2021

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Here's a RARE porcelain insulator from France. Its nickname is the bustle. This rare example is unlisted on ICON and the worldwide porcelain books. Measures 6" tall x 4 1/4" base width. The bustle arm width is 4 1/2" wide. Has square bolt holes which is seen in a few scarce spooks. One small bb peck is the only damage. 1 of 2 confirmed in collections. There is a handful of other bustles known from France but unable to confirm their dimensions. This is bigger than the rare glass example. Profile photo [id=638656864].

First email gets this rare porcelain insulator for the slashed price of only $350 plus shipping. Thanks!