CD 122 Hemi-19 clear/blue 2tone, CD 256 Manhattan yellow green, CD 263

By Daryl Richardson; posted October 11, 2021

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CD 145 BGM (SOLD) CD 122 Hemingray-19, RDP, hemi-blue/clear two tone. $125 CD 256 Manhattan with date, 1.5" flat base chip that is skinny on both ends. Bright yellow green with some amber blending in the ears giving the insulator an olive green look at the top $300. CD 263 Oakman Columbia. 1/4" dome ding on one side plus a few other scattered nicks or pings that are not bigger than a pencil eraser. $200. Pictures of damage available upon request. Prices include shipping. If purchasing two or more, take $25 off per insulator. This applies to all my listings. Trade interests: 735 Chester, 737.6, 728.4 or 728.7.